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We assure you, Delta One is a security-based government-approved organization. We are providing VIP security escort, guarding service, executive protection, especial event management security, hi-tech security system and facility services too. We offer high efficient, comprehensive, modern, cost effective, protective and investigative security services to meet critical needs of our valued clients. We have security force capability with cutting edge protection and loss prevention service by planning and providing security and safety which is unique in the field of private security firms industry. Delta One Security Services are dedicated for clients.

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Strategies ensure proactive domination

Security Guard

Security Guard Service is the most common and sought after service by most of the clients. On the basis of on- site survey and risk evolution, we recommend estimated number and criteria of security guard services, which integrated with logistics and technologies, proved to be efficient in protecting interests of our client’s stakeholders. To achieve business goals in the competitive world, its security must be ensured.

Under two main criteria, Regular and Premium, we provide round the clock Security Guard Services by:

a) Male Security Guard
b) Female Security Guard
c) Security Supervisor – both Male and Female
d) Security Inspector
e) Security Officer

Delta One Security Services Limited employs security personnel who have the qualities of alertness, integrity, prudence, intelligence, physical fitness, good communication skills, and the ability to meet client or employer needs.

Delta One Security Services Limited has always played a sincere role from time to time in building up the latest issues in the direction of clients through refresher training. Security forces, whether public or private, have the same purpose, and ensure the security of individuals, objects and information. Therefore, the importance of a security guard is not less important in the discharge of duties.

Delta One Security Services Limited is committed to building their security guards through adequate training on going open issues such as a security guard does not end his duties only by wearing a uniform and standing in his responsible area. He has to be vigilant and carefully monitored in his responsible area so that misbehavior or a criminal enters his responsible area with the security guard’s attention and does not cause any loss of information, goods and life. Basically the entire activities of a security guard will be intelligence based activities. And he must be trained in the duties and duties of conducting these activities.

Delta One Security Services Limited is ensuring their clients that A Post Inspector or Post Supervisor or Security Guard must have experience in various areas including register maintenance, guest management, car parking management, access control, various types of threats and tactics, use of fire safety and fire extinguishers, earthquake safety and corrosion, archway gate, handheld metal detector, vehicle under-sourcing mirror, first aid and personal circumstances, emergency hygiene, post order, what to do at emergency situation, patrol duty, traffic control and suspects area, parcels or letter identification etc.


If you are looking for personal bodyguard service, we provide high profile body guard service, close protection and VIP security service from Delta One Security Services Limited. From our head office will organize the human resource, technical expects and logistics record for each mission with our regional office, as well as coordinating the operation beginning to end process. The main task of a bodyguard is to provide immediate and secure alternatives to the client’s personal and family service protection properly.


There are two types of bodyguard servic:

1. Armed Bodyguard Male/Female
2. Unarmed Bodyguard Male/Female

People who need bodyguards for work:

1. Politicians and Diplomats
2. VIP and Celebrities
3. Businessmen
4. Individuals
5. Family Protection
6. Transport Patronage
7. Special Teams Against Terrorists

Details description of our bodyguard service:

1. Delta One Security Services Limited’s bodyguards are trained on what to do in special situations for political and diplomatic activities. They are extremely skilled and prudent in providing the best possible protection for clients; against threats, both national and international.

2. If you are a celebrity, VIP or a prominent person, we are committed to assisting you in the best protection and ease of service through bodyguard in situations involving media and public crowds.

3. In addition, Delta One Security Services Limited is always ready to provide security services to your family through bodyguard service. Our trained bodyguards are able to provide you with the full support of your daily activities and work, from blending in with the environment and relative people in your home. They have a good adjustment quality for any situation.

4. We have a specially trained bodyguard to protect the high risk areas. They are trained in emergency situations to get enough training who will make your life more comfortable, confident and courageous.



Delta One Security Services Limited is one of the most advanced, timely and high level experienced gunman security service providing company in Bangladesh. We have been successfully providing full Gunman service to government-approved and policy-based firearms veterans and shooters. We are very committed to the security of the individual and his property. We agree to provide experimental services to clients prior to assigning gunman recruitment.

The current world iSo, for the sake of his personal safety, the service of a skilled, experienced, well-mannered and intelligent Gunman isguaranteed that your continued and lasting sbecoming very important. The wise gunman, who provides security s as dangerous as it is modern and technology dependent too. At any time, there are likely to be unforeseen accidents.services under the supervision of Delta One Security Services Limited, is hundred percent ecurity will be very effective.

We successfully serve superior services in areas where gunman’s security services are permitted, subject to government policy. The sectors under the gunman service are:

a) Personal Security 
b) Property Security 
c) Important Land Security
d) Security Of Touchy Place
e) Institute Premises etc.

We serve gunman with the highest priority by supporting our client’s needs and opinions, as client needs are considered first and foremost. Gunman provided by Delta One Security Services Limited is a highly experienced, skilled and modern training professional who will always be prepared and obliged to provide security services in consultation with the client. Besides, we have modern training system which is directed by ourselves. Specifically, there is a good reputation and acceptance of the great effectiveness of gunman security services in individuals, such as bankruptcies person, banks, offices, schools and colleges and in particular sectors.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of the physical, mental and property security of our esteemed client, with particular importance to the client’s needs. Above all, Delta One Security Services Limited is very aware, careful and so much appreciative of their important work of gunman service.



A caretaker means that the person who usually takes care of his client’s home and property is considered a caretaker. Although, a caretaker does minor repairs to his owner’s home, he is so important person in a building or institute. One of the main tasks of a caretaker is to clean the weeds in the garden, to provide lawn mower and to provide water to the flower garden. In addition, Caretaker provides home electricity bills, gas bills and water bills in the bank or other NGO’s organization bills too. Caretaker has small but important work responsibilities in a home or organization. A skilled and discreet caretaker plays a very effective role in making his owner’s daily life easy and hassle-free.

Considering the above key points, Delta One Security Services Limited offers efficient and qualified caretaker services tailored to their client’s needs. Moreover, before the caretaker selections, we develop or choose such a person as qualified, honest and ideal through adequate training from our training academy.

As a result, upon entering the job, a caretaker was able to provide continuous and faithful service. So, you can trust us completely. We promise to provide you with the highest level of caretaker services because client needs are the first and main things for us.



Cleaning services should usually be done through a systematic process. Valuable items can be severely damaged if this cleaning process is not done properly and skillfully. Safecore has a team of trained and highly skilled cleaners who are ready to provide cleaner services in a 100% effective and professional manner. Our cleaner team knows where to use any kind of cleaning chemicals to clean things for our clients total satisfaction. We are always professional about our cleaning task for our core company’s vision.

An efficient cleaner means cleaning, storing and supplying the designated areas (dusting, sweep, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents and cleaning the restrooms etc.), performing routine inspection and maintenance activities and documenting which is done with utmost importance. It is also the duty of the cleaner to carry out heavy cleaning and complete special cleaning projects with fine chemical process.

It is important to hire the right kind of people with the skills needed to clean specific places and areas. You need to maintain a high level of employee professionalism to keep your competitors going.

Event Management

In high prolific situations, security or safety concerns can be of the utmost importance and emergencies to crowd control and safety. Be it a convention, trade show, concert, or even marriage ceremony, the number of attendees invites a degree of risk to every patron attending the event. Sometimes, the traffic parking management within and around the venue turns out to be a demanding priority. For this situation special event management security guarding team are very effective to solve all types of unwanted harmful issues.

Delta One Security Officers are trained to anticipate the safety risks and to provide protection and attention to your attending visitors while insuring that your special event transpires without disruption.

Each event is individually evaluated to ensure that adequate coverage is provided. This service is hourly basis minimum 04 (four) hours per individual, with fixed rate allowance for different ranks of security personnel. We ensure that our special event management security team provide a great comfort of service.

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On behalf of managing director and the leadership of Delta One Security Services Limited, we would like to salute and express our deepest thank to all clients and other people who have supported our company.

Delta One Security Services Limited is a Private Limited Company approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and it has also been highly valued by clients as a company that offers good services and has high responsibilities for its activities and duties.

Delta One Security Services Limited   has always given the highest priority to the needs of their clients, the convenience of their employees and supporters in order to build a strong trust with all clients and lead our company to success in the future.

At the beginning of the difficult path, Delta One started off with only 7 guards but today we have 400+ security guards and 100+ posts above which is the harvest of all our tireless work.

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