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Bodyguard Services

If you are looking for personal bodyguard service, we provide high profile body guard service, close protection and VIP security service from Delta One Security Services Limited. From our head office will organize the human resource, technical expects and logistics record for each mission with our regional office, as well as coordinating the operation beginning to end process. The main task of a bodyguard is to provide immediate and secure alternatives to the client’s personal and family service protection properly.


There are two types of bodyguard servic:

1. Armed Bodyguard Male/Female
2. Unarmed Bodyguard Male/Female

People who need bodyguards for work:

1. Politicians and Diplomats
2. VIP and Celebrities
3. Businessmen
4. Individuals
5. Family Protection
6. Transport Patronage
7. Special Teams Against Terrorists

Details description of our bodyguard service:

1. Delta One Security Services Limited’s bodyguards are trained on what to do in special situations for political and diplomatic activities. They are extremely skilled and prudent in providing the best possible protection for clients; against threats, both national and international.

2. If you are a celebrity, VIP or a prominent person, we are committed to assisting you in the best protection and ease of service through bodyguard in situations involving media and public crowds.

3. In addition, Delta One Security Services Limited is always ready to provide security services to your family through bodyguard service. Our trained bodyguards are able to provide you with the full support of your daily activities and work, from blending in with the environment and relative people in your home. They have a good adjustment quality for any situation.

4. We have a specially trained bodyguard to protect the high risk areas. They are trained in emergency situations to get enough training who will make your life more comfortable, confident and courageous.