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Peon Services

Delta one Security Services Limited provides skilled, competent, discreet and workable Peon services to any kind of private, sovereign or military office, including any educational institution, hospital, bank, insurance, hotel, restaurant, office, court and corporate institution all over Bangladesh.

What are the merits of an office/institution peon?

Delta one Security Services Limited guarantees that for office peons in any institution, whether private or sovereign, there should be a qualification minimum j.s.c to h.s.c from any educational institution. Experience with this is given priority. In addition, an office peon must be versatile in various techniques and actions. Be diligent and disciplined, and be courteous too. A peon candidate should be between 18-30 years of age.

Duties and Responsibilities of a peon:

  • Beautifully arrange and clean office furniture and records.
  • Transfer of office files and documents from one place to another or to another office respectively.
  • Moving light furniture from one office to another.
  • The secret or important files are captured in a steel box and taken from one office to another in order.
  • Provide drinking water and tea to officers and employees too.
  • They will be responsible for preserving all office furniture and other items.
  • They will come to the office wearing their assigned uniforms.
  • They will do the work of their respective branches and officers.
  • They will behave with the visitor and the public in a gentle manner.
  • They will deposit checks and withdraw money on behalf of the officer.
  • They will arrive at the office 15 minutes before the office hours and report the arrival of the Assistant Secretary / Chief Assistant.
  • They will never leave the office without permission.


More to say: Finally, Delta one Security Services Limited ensures to clients that peon will determine the responsibility of the authority or the boss. A pion will be able to do any legal work under his / her job if the office is needed.