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Receptionist Services

A receptionist means a service holder of an organization, who performs tasks such as receiving visitors and clients, reserving a room, performing responsible tasks, registering guest information, working cashier’s duty, credit checks etc. In addition to, he/she performs as situation controlling, mail and messaging, recruitment, filing, record keeping as office duties too.



Among the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist are to provide information to consumers and visitors about the company’s products and services, answer inquiries, manage destinations for their clients and pick up, email out and answer calls etc. A receptionist also had done other tasks to set up appointments, filing, record keeping, data entry various office functions such as faxing or emailing and accounting too. In certain cases, the occasional duty of serving tea or coffee to the guests and keeping the open area clean is also the responsibility of a receptionist.

Delta one supports the above responsibilities and believing that a receptionist will always be calm, polite and professional about his/her role. Besides, his/her personal qualities should include a well-rounded appearance, zeal, loyalty and maturity.

Delta one Security Services Limited guarantees that their recruitment receptionists will be hundred percent prudent, safe official information for the organization, respectful of considerations, have a positive attitude, and dependable. In short, a receptionist will be a quick job executor too.

Good Qualities of a Receptionist:

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Organizational ability
  3. Technology skills
  4. Consistent dependability
  5. Good listening skills
  6. Fluently speaking skills too

So, you can trust on Delta one Security Services Limited completely. We promise to provide you with the highest level of receptionists services because client needs are the first priority and main things for us.