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Mobile Patrols Services

Mobile Patrol Service is a very important security service in this modern age. With the infrastructural development of any country or region, the importance of road safety also increases, as a result of which the need for a well-experienced mobile patrol service becomes immense. The patrol service is very effective for the safety of vehicles on the road, the safety of life, property and resources in an important area. So, our patrol security guard have been created with training so that they can follow the above steps.


Delta one Security Services Limited’s mobile patrol security service is initiated to provide clients with specific needs for, without limitations to:

a) Regular Security Inspections
b) Lockups and Unlocks
c) Premise Bed Downs
d) Staff Escorts
e) Welfare Checks

We cover all types of sites from large multi- dwelling premises including office buildings, factories, schools, rest homes, building sites and storage yards through to smaller retail outlets, and everything else in everything else in- between. Our mobile operation team is all comprehensively trained to discharge clients- specific requirements.

We are able to provide multiple checks on your location/assets areas at any time of the day 24/7 hour.